“New bands don’t have a chance.” Gene Simmons Declares Death of the Music Industry

Gene Simmons of KISS has always been vocal about the coming death of the music industry. The cause of death, file sharing and downloading. With access to new music being easier than ever before, Simmons declares the death of the industry because “Fans won’t pay for it.”


Source: Getty Images


In an interview with a Detroit radio station, Simmons goes on to say,

“It’s not the industry – it’s the fans.”

The release of new, established bands will not be affected, because of their firm foundation in the industry, but as Simmons says, “New bands don’t have a chance.” He compares this situation to a business store, referencing (without naming) Radiohead who once offered a “pay whatever you want, or nothing at all” structure for their album ‘In Rainbows’ in 2007. Of course, this was an utter failure.


Source: http://www.kissonline.com

“If you can walk into a store and there’s a sign up that says, ‘You can have anything for free or pay whatever you want,’ how long do you think that store would stay in business?”


This is a very good point on Simmons’ part, as the whole basis for a band is to offer a product for fans to purchase. With the rise of music on YouTube (yes, this can be monetized, but downloading and file sharing do not offer the band anything in return) and several illegal downloading sites on the internet, Simmons predicts that upcoming bands are in for a hard time when wanting to actually make money.


Source: http://www.kissonline.com


The best way to support your favorite artists is to buck up and buy the album. Physical? Digital? Who cares. No one can claim to be a die-hard fan then go on to illegally download their ‘idol’s’ hard work for nothing. Surely no one would wish to work on a project for months, or even years, only to have it taken for nothing.

Don’t forget, illegal downloading of music is a crime (hence why it’s called illegal). Under the Copyright Act of 1976, which includes “works of authorship,” can lead to penalties of either jail time or fines up to $80,000 PER SONG. Think before you click.


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