‘Disrespectful’ Kylie and Kendall Jenner Rip Off Iconic Musicians With Clothing Line

Would you spend $125 dollars on a single t-shirt? Neither would half of the sensible population. Still, the Jenner sisters released a line of t-shirts that steal the imagery of famous rock n roll musicians, like Metallica, Pink Floyd, and Ozzy Osbourne as well as Tupac and B.I.G. Where is the originality? Well, they decided to slap their own faces, initials, and Instagram pages over the tops of the logos and images. Of course, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Since the expected backlash from the musicians, their representatives, and fans of the groups, the t-shirt sales have stopped. Surely there was an adult with half a brain in on this designing (or superimposing) of these shirts who could have said, ‘this is copyright infringement and highway robbery’. It takes a lot of ego for them to put their faces next to music’s greatest kings.

Sharon Osbourne agreed and had this to say to the sisters.

“Girls, you haven’t earned the right to put your face with musical icons. Stick to what you know…lip gloss.”


Representatives for The Doors sent cease-and-desist orders to the sisters shortly after their line debuted on their website, and many others have threatened legal action in response to this line. Many sources call these shirts ‘controversial’ but that is not a proper term on its own. It needs to be followed with ‘Narcissistic.’

Yesterday, Metallica legend James Hetfield also called out the sisters, saying,


“I guess what they were they were thinking is, ‘We can do whatever we want’. To me, it’s disrespectful. We’ve spent 36 years working hard, doing our best to keep a really close connection with people, making every note count. Someone just throws something up over something that we feel. Not that it’s sacred or anything, but show some respect.”

This comes shortly after Kendall Jenner’s ridiculous Pepsi ad that did unite people of the world, and not in love of Pepsi and Jenner, but of irritation and annoyance. The sisters have apologized publicly for the t-shirts, but sorry won’t stop the lawsuits.


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